Stop feeding the black dogs


asa(n)kh malaeshh mal bhakh khaahi
Countless wretches, eating filth as their ration.
-Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 4

Reading through a new book I picked up from a book store over the weekend, I was attracted to much of its content, which relates a lot to what anyone of any religion faces. This book is a Christian one, but I’ve replaced the Christian terminologies to Gurmat ones so that as Sikhs we can relate to the message. I found the folling passage extremely enlightening because it speaks indirectly and none of us can actually say we didn’t understand.

‘A man asked a wise Indian sage shy he always seemed to make the wrong choices. Even though he knew what was right, he chose to do what was wrong. The old sage looked at him and replied, ‘My son, there are two dongs inside you, a black dog and a white dog. One is good and one is evil. They are constantly at war with each other, fighting to the death. ‘Which one is going to win?’ asked the tormented man. ‘The one you feed,’ the wise man replied.

To satisfy a growling, growing stomach, and having no patience to wait, we reach out to those deep-fried junk food to dance deliciously across the taste buds and seductively make their way down to the stomach. I don’t know is many of you are willing to admit any of this. This hunger, I mean. Many os us are addicts with crazy cravings and a hunger we just can’t seem to fill. Secretly, we’re fat. Although we might not wear it on the outside, God sees it. And I think it makes Him sad.

Let’s be honest. Many of us wait until it’s too late to meet our needs in any other way. We wait so long that no one can see it and say, ‘There really is a better way.’ There in the hollow of our hunger we start our spiral down. And in the hollow of our hunger, it’s not long before we drown.

There in the darkness of yoru secret you pass a parade of junk food before your craving eyes. It may not even be intentional at first. You sit down to do some work and you realise that research couldn’t hurt. So you log on.

In a minute your mind wanders–it maybe just your hunger propelling you–but you think of an interesting word. Hmm…I wonder what sort of website this is? So you type and hit ‘go’. And away you go. That’s all it takes. In thevery first pop-up window is a juicy, airbrushed, professionally photographed piece of meat. Right there on the screen. How easy was that? There’s no more time to think. Now you’re hitting the ‘XXXs’ with fantastic strokes like you’re playing that gopher-pounding game at the carnival. You hit the x and another pops up somewhere on your screen. The sickness seeps in, but you tell yourself that you’re actually trying to stop the madness by minimising the images and the guilt–which just brings on more images and more guilt. You’re addicted. You know it, but for the moment, you just don’t care.

Finally, after indulging in a fruitless frenzy of lusty images of every perverse form of patry, poultry and meat, you’ve had too much. But you can never get enough. So you carefully clean up your history and crawl between cold and guilty sheets.

Dear God, I am so sorry. I will never, ever do that again. You promised in Your Word that You would forgive me, and I promise I will not repeat my sin.

God keeps His promise, even though He knows you won’t keep yours. You can’t keep yours. And as you fall into a desperate, hungry sleep, you realise that this was round 995,463. How many of us are willing to admit to being part of this scenario like the one described? You know the cycle too well. You fear the hunger even more than you fear spending eternity in hell. But guess what? All of us are hungry, and we all have a need. It’s how we choose to meet it and what that will mean.

Internet junk food can never meet your need. It just makes you feel better that you haven’t done the dirty deed. The meat stayed on the screen. You think no one will know you are fat if you consume it only on a screen. No one, but the Guru watches you and He remains discreet. But you are fat. You are addicted. And once you’ve gone a bit too far in, it seems there is no choice but to embrace more sin. You’re hungry and your’re dying inside. Your hunger may be different from the one described; but the brand of junk food you have chosen to view, buy or eat has caused you to lose a lot of sleep. But you just can’t help it. You have been raised as a Sikh of the Guru, and you know how bad all this seems, yet also how trapped we all seem. So you keep your secret safe, while you continue to die from the heart disease that comes from being inactive and obese. You can hardly be active when you can’t even sleep. Many of us are dying from a heart disease that began a long, long time ago. We were wounded, abandoned, or forgotten by those that should have cared.

So we’ve learned that instead of being honest with each other and with God, it’s alot easier just to lie to ourselves and to each other while we smile away and say, ‘I’m doing just great, and you? Oh, Waheguru di Kirpa’. But we’re not doing just great. We’re dying inside, and the longer we keep quiet, the more certain we are to die. We keep telling each other lies, and we keep being lied to. You are not fat. You are a child of the Guru. A child with a hefty bones. You just need to grow into the Guru, and the fat will disappear . . .

Maybe, but that all sounds queer. We’re addicted. Pure and simple. Our hearts are aching; we’re hungry and in need. We may be fat, but we are Sikhs of the Guru. Even when we have continuously asked for forgiveness and help, we are still hungry, addicted and fat. Now God, what are YOU going to do about that?

Are you sick of being fat? There is no more time for telling lies, and there’s no more time for being fat. It’s time to take God at His Word. God’s Word (Shabad) will release us from addiction, heart disease, and death. Soon your heart will not be diseased. It all begins with honesty. Instead of drinking diet soda, drink milk.

Once He begins to free us from being fat, there are some old patterns we may need to break. Because we all hunger for intimacy, and acceptance and love, we need to plan ahead and have the refrigerator stocked with the right things before the hunger hits. This a ver long race, and the longer it is, the more hurdles we have to clear. The harder we run, the more pain we will feel. We need the Guru, we need Sadh Sangat, and we need to be free.

But the most important thing we need is a heart transplant, because the old one is just too diseased to be healed. We have become whores, and whatever our addiction, we’re living a real-life horror story. We have embraced junk food and a hideous list of other things that have eclipsed our love for God. We have only to ask Him for the transplant. Just ask. Once you do that, hunger will cease and our need. There goes our junk food, fat and bondage–and there goes our heart disease.’

The internet is only the only food store. We also go shopping to video, magazine and book stores to try and satisfy the dogs of kaam (lust). While we act according to our pre-ordained destinies designed by deeds of past lives, Guru Granth Sahib Ji offers us the sole hope of reforming our beings and become pure so that we may be worthy of meeting the Lord in His True Court. The smallest of efforts in helping yourself go a long way to produce results of freedom. Through Naam, Shabad of the Guru, read, listen, contemplate and live the Word. You can only do that if you begin to shut out the doors that let in the black dogs – dirty songs, videos, movies, internet, books and fantasies. Ask yourself, are these things helping you get closer to the Guru? In fact these open doors draw you further and further away from the Guru to a point the black dogs drag you to their darkness. Come into the Light – abandon the paths of dark alleys and follow the Eternal Light – the Word of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

bhareeai math paapaa kai sa(n)g
But when the intellect is stained and polluted by sin,
ouhu dhhopai naavai kai ra(n)g
it can only be cleansed by the Love of the Name.
pu(n)nee paapee aakhan naahi
Virtue and vice do not come by mere words;
kar kar karanaa likh lai jaahu
actions repeated, over and over again, are engraved on the soul.
aapae beej aapae hee khaahu
You shall harvest what you plant.
naanak hukamee aavahu jaahu
O Nanak, by the Hukam of God’s Command, we come and go in reincarnation.
-Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 4




  1. sukhjot kaur said,

    September 24, 2006 at 12:32 am

    Can you please add ‘ email this to a friend ‘ to your posts, so that these can be shared with others. Thanks

  2. lakhvir said,

    September 25, 2006 at 8:58 am

    Dear Sukhjot Kaur Ji,

    WaheguruJi Ka Khalsa. WaheguruJi Ki Fateh.

    Unfortunately, the blog features do not have the option you requested but once I move the blog to my own domain, it will definately be there. Until then, you can copy and paste the address and send it through email. My sincerest apologies for the tougher option.

    WaheguruJi Ka Khalsa. WaheguruJi Ki Fateh.

  3. sukhjot kaur said,

    October 19, 2006 at 2:34 am

    Very inspirational article. Please continue your blog

  4. maninder singh said,

    November 1, 2006 at 8:04 am

    very gud article

  5. Gurdeep Singh said,

    November 21, 2006 at 6:13 am

    22 Ji,
    Can you let me know the entire vaar of Bhai nand lal ji (I think) which goes like “Nasuro Mansur Guru Gobind Singh, Shaahe Shaahan Shah Guru Gobind Singh….”

  6. madip singh said,

    June 20, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    wjkk wjkf
    realy nice article
    carry on paji doing big favors across the sea
    wjkk wjkf

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